sobota 18. prosince 2010

co je nam skryto~~~~what is hidden to our eyes

Jednou jsem mela moznost podivat se pod zem a ted nastala ta prava chvile, kdy se chci pokusit vse zachytit na papir...zde je zacatek...
Doufam, ze dnes budu pokracovat.....

3 komentáře:

  1. I like your drawing and the little christmas figures, reminds me on my most loved german-czech christmas fairy "Drei Nüsse für Aschenbrödel" (Cinderella).

  2. Hello Pea
    please will you post me something for Christmas as I am missing Prague/Czech Republic with my friends there!!! Perhaps a little snow scene or will you have a lovely christmas meal - typically czech? I will make potato salad and most likely have some schnitzel (it's my tradition). I always look forward to following your blog... from swink of Sydneyxxx

  3. Hello!
    Barbara i thank you for nice comment!:)Fairytale POPELKA is typical ~ this story's on our TV every year on Christmas Eve. :) But this is so beautiful stereotype!!:)

    Sandra: i was sending on your email some of photos and other litle and other items for your fun...:)