pondělí 29. listopadu 2010


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  1. Ahoj! Reminds me, I have a photo of a toy horse at night taken while staying at my friend's place in Vokovice, Prahy! And I too have my czech xmas birds out!!! I am so delighted to find your blog and have enjoyed exploring. I am sorry I can't speak czech and only understand words like Vodník and kozel! But it so comforts me to see your writing... moje maminka bila czeska.
    Have a lovely week, Pea!

  2. Ahoj!:)
    Thank you for the nice comment! I wish to see your photo with toy horse!And Bird too!Can I? It's so cute what you wrote!Tvoje maminka byla ceska?:)
    Words as vodnik a kozel, that's super!I'm delighted too!Very much!
    My czech friend Tereza live in Sydney now! She moved one year ago, from czech to australia. Our World is toooooo litle!
    Have a nice day and thank you!

  3. I spent a couple of days in Praha and Karlovy Vary must be 1993 in the early days of open boarders and I liked this poetic, creative, a little tragic and worn out feeling I found there - your photo very much reminds me on it.